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New Lambs!

It's Ewe! Welcomes Bowie and she who is still to be named!

Lambing season is here again!

The It's Ewe! Melanian Corriedale Spinning flock has grown. Our gorgeous Rosie has delivered a healthy male 'Bowie' - brother to 'Ziggie' and Winnie delivered a healthy female 'she who is still to be named'. Shearing begins next month for the older sheep so we will be expecting some truly gorgeous fleeces in a range of colours.

"Melanian' means coloured. The sheep are specifically and carefully bred for fleece colour. As a result, fleeces can range from white,cream,mocha,chocolate grey,silver and tones in between. This breeding is not random. We are members of the Melanian Sheep Breeders Society of Australia. We have chosen the Corriedale breed from the Eaton Breeding line as the quality of their breeding has been proven and recognised in the many awards the Eaton's have won at the Royal Show year after year. The comfort level of the fleece is high - soft (at about the comfort level of AA Merino) and easy to spin and felt.

Our It's Ewe! sheep live on the Christan Farm in Bindoon, Western Australia. Farm owners, Stan and Chris breed both sheep and alpacas for fleece. As a result, their animals are highly valued and live a long and frolicky life in the paddocks. Happy, well fed, healthy sheep means high quality fleeces and ultimately - happy fibre artists. We are totally guided by Chris and Stan in the care of our small flock within their large flock and enjoy participating in shearing, vaccination and other farm tasks. This relationship means that even though we are based in the City, our wee flock is close.

As a bonus , Christan and It's Ewe! also collaborate on fibre projects, delivering workshops on dyeing with natural dyes, fibre festivals and dye research, in addition to their separate business. This collaboration has been of several years duration and brings together over almost 90 years combined knowledge.

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