• Natural Plant Dyed Wool

    Lovingly hand dyed and spun in Australia using locally grown fibre

    Australian Grown and Processed Merino & Alpaca Wool

    Spinning, Knitting and Weaving Fibre Art Supplies

    from Nature and us to you

  • Why It's Ewe?

    The things setting us apart are the things that make us great

    Ecologically Responsible

    Natural, Sustainable

    We are passionate about natural products. We use only 100% natural wool and alpaca, processed in Australia and hand dyed using responsible and sustainably harvested plants.

    Premium Quality Wool

    Only the best

    100% Australian merino and alpaca. Grown and processed right here in Australia.


    Our batts, tops and roving comes from the best quality classed and skirted fleeces.


    Our yarns are either hand spun (Artisan), or mill spun in Australia (available in 2-12  ply).





    Australian Grown, Dyed & Processed

    Eco -friendly

    Only ecologically friendly dyes are used. Hand dyed fibre from plants, responsibly harvested.



    Unique Artisan hand dyed fibre

    Every aspect of the dyeing process is approached patiently and in partnership with Mother Nature. Nothing is rushed in the traditional process. From the sheep or alpaca's back, the seasonal foraging and harvesting all the way to the alchemy of the dye pot. Every colour has its season.

  • Dyer's Journal

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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  • Our Core Values

    Keep it as natural as possible.

    Artisan Dyed

    Natural colours

    Our colours are inspired and provided by the nature. We use ancient, traditional recipes that have stood the test of time. While even artificial dyes will fade over time with light and washing, we look to medieval tapestries and ancient textiles as our guide.


    Australian Seasons

    The Six Seasons

    We follow the six Australian Indigenous seasons when harvesting and foraging. The colours derived from plants differ according to the season,  soil, water and climate conditions. Therefore each plant, each season ensures unique and truly Australian colours.


    The Dyehouse

    Pure Alchemy

    Eucalypt, mint, rosemary, madder, fennel, coreopsis, Japanese indigo and dandelion are just a few of the scents we enjoy while we work. The alchemy of water, plant and Mother Nature's artistry release an truly amazing colour palette.

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